Florida Man With Mental Issues Allegedly Pepper Sprayed to Death By Police

Wowsa!  Keep in mind the corresponding article from The Daily Mail uses the words allegedly about 50 times, but the pictures are pretty damning evidence if you ask me!

The alleged horrible ordeal happened to a man (a grandfather) named Nick Christie who was arrested for public intoxication (this has been contested as tests given are unknown and he tended to get disoriented sometimes due to mental issues seeming drunk-like.)  He was released after the jail realized his mental issues but re-arrested two days later for trespassing at the hotel he was staying at.  He was acting erratically so the hotel called the popo...

After being arrested for the second time he was detained and pepper sprayed for being "belligerent" (he was actually experiencing a mental breakdown.)  Witnesses say he wasn't allowed to clean off the pepper spray (ouch) and that's when they put him in some God awful thing called The Devils Chair (a restraining chair) for punishment and shit got real ugly.

Restrained by the wrists, ankles, and chest in the chair naked, he was put into a spit mask (a thingy they put over your mouth so you can't spit on cops) and pepper sprayed several times.  Now, it should be noted here that since this poor guy wasn't allowed to wash off any pepper spray during the 43-hour (yeah that's right, 43 FUCKING HOURS) detainment the mask held the spray, exposing him to the effects until it wore off (that can be hours.)  Witnesses say Christie "pleaded" to have the mask removed because it was making it so hard for him to breathe but cops ignored him.

Aw fuck, man!  Breakin' my heart...

Two days later he was taken to the hospital as he suffered multiple heart attacks from the stress his body went through from the constant sprayings  (he was actually covered in so much pepper spray that doctor's had to change their gloves numerous times due to burning...tsk, tsk.)  Days after being treated he was declared brain dead and taken off life support.

Though the death was ruled a homicide (obvi) because he was exposed to so much pepper spray according to the autopsy, an internal investigation ruled that the police dept. did nothing wrong and no one was held accountable or fired.

The family is now going after the department for wrongful death though (thank god) so hopefully everyone can find a little peace in this fucking mess when someone is finally held accountable for basically torturing and killing a mentally troubled 62-year-old retired grandfather.

Damn!  Shame on them!

Images Via www.thedailymail.co.uk

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