Kim Richards - Out of Rehab and Out of the Reunion

Damn!  I sooo wanted Kim to be at the reunion! 

UsWeekly is reporting that after staying in rehab for just over a month, Kim is out and "doing well" (this quote attributed to one of those damn inside sources though - hate those! - NAME NAMES!!!)  Anyways, she had tried to get out earlier but went back.  According to ANOTHER nameless source in the article she was "very defiant."  Kim has also since ditched that mouth breather Ken (cree-eepy!) and though initial reports had her living with Mauricio (so fucking hot!) and Kyle, they were also the sites who reported the wrong release info, so I'm not sure where the hell Kim is.  It's like a fucked up Where's Waldo?  

I could totally see her trying to get out early - She prob wanted a drink, yo!  I'm no expert but rehab seems pretty fucking hard!  (If you're an addict, I mean.)  Must be totally bunk to not be able to do whatever you want...  I am pro-rehab though - make no mistake - people can't just be rippin' around all shitfaced!   

Anywho, because of the timing of her rehab stint she was supposedly unable to attend the reunion.  BOO-URNS!  Though I (and many others) take much joy in watching these ladies try to 'splain themselves on reunion shows, it's probably better.  I can practically see Kim cracking, man!  Scary freakin' Island style!

That breakdown was just uncomfortable as all hell to watch...and though I'm sure some would appreciate it, I - personally - don't need to see a sequel to that shit.

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