Jay-Z and Beyonce Called Their Baby Blue Ivy

Seriously.  They called her Blue Ivy, like she's a freakin' comic book character or paint swatch or something...but hey, celebs seem to be having some secret contest to see who can name their kid the weirdest shit or something and Jay-Z has more money than God so...I'm just going to go with it.

It all went down in New York on Saturday (I've been on a bit of a New Years leftover booze bender up in here so shit is gettin' reported late.  My bad.)  Beyonce had a C-Section and both she and the kid are fine.

They are saying Ivy stands for IV as in roman numeral 4 - the number is the date of both their birthdays.  God knows what Blue is for...Maybe she likes to give Jay-Z mad blue balls (which is not cool according to mah man!), maybe it's their fave color, maybe it's just because it's the color of the damn sky...who knows?  The point is, just because the name is shitty and stupid doesn't mean that the kid is gonna be any less badass and disgustingly rich.

So go on, girl!  You're set for life, little Blue Ivy!

Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z!

Image Via www.ca.omg.yahoo.com

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