Dane Cook Bombs Onstage with "Misogynistic" Stand Up Act

Let me start off by saying, I'm not a huge fan of this guy.  Don't get it.  I like my jokes funny, but whatevs...he puts himself out there though, mad props for that.  Takes balls - dude has 'em...even  if they're tiny asshole balls.

But enough about balls...

Dane Cook was at LA's Laugh Factory the other night when he decided to jump on stage and perform an impromptu act.  For some unknown reason (booze, I'm going with booze though), he strayed from his usual act and chose another way to go.

Evidently, his set was fairly disgusting and his main jokes featured abortion, revenge-fucking a "dirty whore", chainsaw fucking a disgusting whore's cunt - well, you get the picture.  People were texting and talking shit on twitter about him throughout and critics were not too kind...

Oh and get this epic douche move.  People in attendance said when he would notice people on their BBs and what not he'd say, "Dane Cook is on stage!  Show some fucking respect!"

(Ugh!  Not only is he douchey - he's third person guy douchey.)

Say what you will about it but people can (and usually will) say whatever they want, I really believe that they should be allowed to.  But on the other side of it, I will say this is a definite case of sometimes they really  probably shouldn't.

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