Kelly Bensimon Is Selling her Hampton Castle - Possibly For Jellybean Money

Former resident maniac of The Real Housewives of New York/current irrelevant friend to irrelevant Jill Zarin, Kelly KILLOREN Bensimon, is selling her castle by the sea...her home in the uber-rich Hamptons, for a cool $12 million in Gilles' money.

Sources say she wanted to put the money from the purchase towards a unicorn but PETA got involved and the imaginary unicorn was saved - hazzah!

In all seriousness though, place is SICK!  Me likey!  I'm not so big on the Look at me!  I'm coloring outside the lines decor (yeah, I know whatcha did there.  WE ALL DO!) but the layout is pretty sweet.

The house is 5800 square feet, has five bedrooms, and two rooms for hating that COOK Bethenny for trying to kill her!  

Check it >


Remember this horseshit?  "I was kinda like Rapunzel, y'know?  I was kinda like, stuck in the castle like, in the Hamptons."

Bitch!  You were like 3 blocks from the beach!  Yeesh!

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