Cindy Barshop Wants You to Fox Fur Up your Vadge - PETA Freaks Out and Calls Her a Cunt

BAM!  How's that for a headline?!?!

You've undoubtedly read on Gawker or TMZ or The Huffington Post or whatever your cup o' tea may be (gossip-wise) about the new "craze" that one season wonder on Real Housewives of New York and hanger enthusiast Cindy Barshop is trying to start with her newest pubic accessories, The Carnivale ($195) and the Foxy Bikini ($225)...


Well peep this > basically, she wants you to pay her and her "high end" spa to wax your junk and apply feathers and/or fox fur to your lady bits using glue.  She says she's tried the procedures herself (so crazy that she's still single!) and even had the balls to say of her discovery of mutilating animals for pubic fashion, "It's like I cured cancer."

Um, sort of.  If cancer wasn't cancer and you didn't cure it I suppose it's kind of like that...

Anyways - obvi PETA (who, though I looove animals, I am not a huge fan of tactic-wise) freaked the fuck out and had some choice words for the woman responsible for introducing the anti-animal-friendly product...

PETA's president said, "It's outright sleazy, and it's downright cruel to kill an animal to decorate your privates.  She seems to be making the point that fur is for cunts."

Oh snap!  CUNTS???  Oh no they di'int!  ZING!

Barshop (who I'm pretty sure isn't all that swift) retorted, "I am not an extremist.  I don't believe in cruelty to animals and I don't eat red meat, but that doesn't mean I hate people who do.  The last I heard, the word cunt was used by bullies in high school."

Sounds like Barshop's been drinking some of Kelly Bensimon's cuckoo Kellaid!  With her last brilliant product (Vajazzling I think it's called - Whatever the hell you call that crap where chicks glue rhinestones to their crotch) on the cusp of Noone Wants That Shit Anymore Cuz It's Stupid, she thought this would be the next big trend for her to make bank on.

RIP little foxes and birdies!  Shitty deal.  :(    

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