Drop-Crotch Jeans? Really?

Drop-crotch jeans are a new unisex style of denim that combines skinny jeans with dropped-crotches (lol obviously) and that sell for $158 smackers.

First off - who the hell wants to look and feel like they're wearing diapers all day???  Aside from Big Baby Stanley and his playpals?  I will say they look like they may protect your junk if you wear 'em and you tend to get kicked in the crotch from time to time - I guess that's a pro...

Secondly, $158 damn dollars!  That's a lot of dough to pay someone to look like an asshole!


I'll see you in hell before I see you on this ass, you drop-crotch denim bastards!

Images Via www.oak.nyc.com

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