Roofie Santa is On the Loose in Germany

Yes, I said "Roofie Santa."  A Santa who gives people the date rape drug so...obviously not one of your higher quality Santas...

Now, the bad news is that homey is roofie-ing people left and right in bars or pubs or whatever they have over there (a lot of people) but the good news is - he's just drugging them.  He doesn't actually do anything afterwards.  Who does that shit, man?

Of course, that's still pretty damn dangerous as a Johnny Hornball may take advantage of the situation and go after the drugged-up victim.

And Gawker reports another less-Santa-y dude (an unidentified man in regular clothes) is allegedly doing the same thing!  He hands out laced single-shot bottles of alcohol, asking people to join him in celebrating the birth of his child.  Is it the same guy???  Who knows.  The point is this, NEVER take a drink from someone you don't know and ALWAYS be suspicious of Santas in bars.  Right? 


Image Via www.twitter.com

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