Rich Woman Leaves her Cat $13 Million

That's right!  This beautiful bastard is part of the 1 % now!  Man, I would so go on a kitty bender!  Cat nip, hos, Charlie Sheen...I would tear shit up!

But that's me...

Meet the $13 million Italian kitty cat, Tommaso.  Tommaso was probably born to a 3-legged bitch of a mother and was tossed aside when she could not care for him.  But no worries, the flea-bitten alley cat was rescued by a lonely old lady named Maria Assunta (who just happened to be married to a property tycoon) when he was 4.

In other words, the little bugger hit the jackpot!  Cha-ching!  Seriously, this is the most heartwarming rags to riches shit since Hilary Swank left the trailer park.

The old koot widowed early and the couple had no children so when she recently died at 94, she left everything to Tommaso and left him in the care of her nurse.  The nurse said, she didn't know that Assunta was worth so much bank and also said she promised her she would take care of (and "cuddle" - aw!) the cat.

Hopefully, nursey nurse is on the up and up because if Tommaso "accidentally falls down" the stairs and dies, I am going to be all sorts of suspicious.

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Image Via www.guardian.co.uk

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