Mean Girls 2 - Straight to DVD Blasphemy!

Mean Girls is arguably one of the best movies made in 2004 so it makes sense, in Hollywood anyway, to capitalize and make a sequel right?

Wrong!  Fail!  No!  Stop it!  Ew!

The soon-to-not-be-watched-by-anyone Mean Girls sequel is slated to hit discount bins in 2011.  This is a cinematic sin.  Starring a bunch of actors you've never heard of - aside from Tim Meadows, who reprises his role as the Principal - the trailer is a big poopy mess of barf jokes and bad acting.  And BTW, what is with Tim meadows being in this?  Is dude homeless or what?  Did he really have to stoop this low for an acting job?

I did recognize Gabby's hot, boring niece from Desperate Housewives so that's a coup I guess for the sinners putting this sucker out but other then that the best thing I can say about the trailer is that I don't have to watch it ever again...Lindsay Lohan must be rolling over in her hospital bed!

For those of you sickies who are curious the trailer link is below.


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