What the Hell is Going on With Kate Gosselin?

Ah!  Remember back in the day when you could throw on a little Jon and Kate Plus 8 and watch a family of 10 fold laundry and shit?  It was a hit!  Like those homophobic duck people! ;)  People couldn't get enough!

Until we could...

Cut to a couple of years later and Kate was more likely to be found screaming her fool head off at Jon than anything else.  She would berate him constantly...yell at him in public...and you just knoooow that icy bitch wasn't putting out!  Jon finally peaced out to go look for some silence (and probably some pussy) and Kate grabbed the world by the balls and struck out on her "own".  Enter, Kate Plus 8.

Now this show was a real piece of shit.  The familial fold had clearly unfolded into a hot mess of free trips, Kate yelling at the only friends she had left and some sort of silver fox looking bodyguard she clearly didn't need.  Whilst Kris Jenner Jr. was still on TLC pimping out her kiddies, Jon was on a yacht...with Christian Audigier...no one knows why except for them.  

Illuminati shit.

Anyways!  Between then and now Kate and Jon have declared their own sort of War of the Roses on each other.  She says he jacked their bank account...he says she hacked his computer...he said she hit the kids...she said he's a manwhore etc. etc.

So let's get in the now > Kate is broke and dragging her older twins Maddie and Cara to The View et al trying to make stars out of them.  There's a slight problem with her retirement plan though.  Her twins seem to have made some sort of sisterly pact not to speak when she does this and Kate just ends up looking like a big asshole on national television yet again.

As for Jon, dude's been living in a Unibomber style shack out in the woods for the last couple of years (hiding from Christian Audigier I bet!)  He's also on Couples Therapy (where he was supposedly caught masturbating on camera lol.)  Now, after Kate's little non-speaking tv tour with his kids, he's going for full custody of all of them.

He says, "[The children] live in fear of Kate. Every time I see them, they tell me they want to live with me...Regardless of what the judge decides, I have to at least try. I just wish Kate would wake up, realize how she's behaving--and change her ways."

Oh snap!

Kate fully expects to win but I think it's pretty obvious that sadly they're all losers here...especially the kiddies.

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