Khlo Khlo Vs Lam Lam - The Reality TV Version

Damn!  Lam Lam's really gone downhill since hooking up with that Kartrashian crowd.

I don't usually watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians because I have a brain but I decided to catch last night's ep to see what the hell was going on with Lam Lam and his crack hos.

In my mind, I thought FINALLY!  A little irreverence!  Bringing a little man trouble back a la Scott punching mirrors and the Hump wandering around like an asshole barking at everyone.  Alas, twas not to be...

What actually went down was some serious damage control - Kardashian Style!

Remember when they re-shot scenes post Humphries debacle to make Kimmy Cakes look like she was the victim and the Hump was the bad guy?  Well cue that shit up again!  They seem to have done the same to former Laker/current hot mess Lam Lam.

Though that lil' bitch Seacrest had been touting that this ep was going to show us "What's going on with Khloe?" it really didn't.  The only sign of Lam Lam was on a couple of FAKE ASS phone calls from Khloe.  Supposedly, she was speaking with him twice via house phone (A FUCKING HOUSE PHONE?!?!) on the ep and he was all whacked out.  Instead of helping him out or going to get his tall ass though she just keeps eating her stupid pre-packaged salad beside one of the Jenner sisters (can't tell them apart - doesn't matter.)

BUT > Homey ain't buying this...

First off, the calls are all at that pimp Kris' disgustingly gauche mansion...on her house phone.  These bitches don't use their house phones!  These are instagram idiots...twitter twats...they're not exactly the house phone generation so to speak.  Secondly, Lam Lam was only heard by Khloe.  They didn't subtitle him or speaker phone him and that is some straight up buuuuullshit.  Typically, a show would somehow show both ends of a convo - no deal this time - that just screams PHONY...

For all we know, it was Bruce asking her where his balls went.

Khloe has changed her name on twitter back to Khloe Kardashian dropping the Odom from her previously hyphenated surname.  But don't count these supposedly 'unbreakable' douchers out just because she made it Twitter official.  She has yet to file any papers and TMZ is reporting that she isn't going to do so because she's afraid of what Lam Lam may do.  Oh and PS - he has a bunch of kiddies with some other broad who probably watch the show...awesome.

...And somewhere Darth Vader music is playing as Kris Jenner rubs her fingers together like Mr. Burns.

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