Video of the Day! Awesome Hitchhiker Takes On Crazy Racist Jesus Guy

Can't make this stuff up...

Local news guys at KMPH were covering a story in Cali about some crazy racist asshole who tried to run over a black guy for being black when a totally awesome homeless hitchhiker named Kai (above) came to the rescue!

Team Kai!

Essentially, Crazy Racist Jesus Guy was out for the day ramming his car into black people because apparently that's just how he rolls when he randomly picked up Kai who was hitching.  He then went about his bizness trying to slam into black people because he thinks he's supposed to "rid the world of them" but Kai wasn't having that shit!

When Crazy Racist Jesus Guy hit a PG&E worker and pinned him with his car for not being white enough then proceeded to try to bear hug some local hoochie mama named Tonya to death, Kai jumped out of the car and threw down.

He grabbed his hatchet (no I don't know why he had a hatchet) and went after Crazy Racist Jesus Guy...Everyone is okay now and Crazy Racist Jesus Guy was arrested.

Check out the interview > (NSFW)

He should marry my other local news fave Sweet Brown!  She's all sorts of feisty like him!

Image Via www.youtube.com

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