This Guy Wants to Get Rid of All the Cats in New Zealand


There's a dude in New Zealand named Gareth Morgan who fancies himself somewhat of an environmentalist.  His main cause is to rid NZ of all the super awesome cats that are currently rippin' around which is WRONG but experts say if he gets his way, the country could be cat-free in a few years.

That makes me sad.

His main beef seems to be that cats kill local birds so we should get rid of the cats.  He thinks that NZ would be a beautiful natural habitat if all the goddamn cats weren't killing the noisy ass birds and he also said something about wanting to see "native wildlife, penguins on the beach, kiwis roaming about in your garden" when he looks out his stupid window.

Morgan is all stoked on neutering - Bob Barker style! - but says that if you're not too attached to your cat euthanasia is also an "option."  (Editor's Note:  Fuck this asshole!)

Yeah, well I also have the option of kicking this guy in the crotch if I ever meet him.  I don't really care how attached he is to his testicles...

Now allegedly 6 species of local birds have gone extinct due to kitty cat killings and sure, that sucks balls.  HOWEVER, circle of life, bitches!

I don't like this one bit!

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