Chris Brown Keeps Punching People!

Looks like King of the Douchebags Chris Brown is still insisting on fighting his way through his super awesome, titty-filled, fully bankrolled, Rihanna banging life...

This time homey had beef with Frank Ocean (who I had to Wiki - I don't get down to R&B too often - shit hasn't been the same since R. Kelly pissed on that underage girl) in a recording studio this past weekend.

PS - That bitch Wiki said that Frank Ocean is basically a kickass singer/songwriter who was the first person in the R&B world to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality. 

Allegedly Brown was leaving the studio when Ocean and "his crew" blocked the exit.  Ocean then said, "This is my studio, this is my parking spot."

Brown went to shake Ocean's hand, one of Ocean's people attacked Brown, one of Brown's friends jumped in front and hit Ocean's friend, Ocean than came at Brown and shit was on like Donkey Kong.

About six people were involved in the throw down.

Police came but Brown had run away like a lil' bitch left.  They talked to Ocean who said the fight was over a parking space and Brown punched him first.  The popo are continuing the investigation and waiting to talk to Brown.

Yeesh!  Use your words like a big boy, dick!  


Image Via www.killerhiphop.com

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