Homeless Man Fatally Strangled For Stealing Toothpaste from CVS

That is sooooo not right...

In Chicago back in 2010, a homeless man named Anthony Kyser (pictured above) was strangled to death by Pedro Villarosa - the manager of a CVS store - and it's just now that the video surveillance has surfaced.  (I'm not posting it on here because I'm not into watching that sort of thing but you can watch it here if you want.)

According to the accompanying article >

"...the video appears to capture Kyser fleeing to the alley with the store manager close behind him. There's a brief struggle before Kyser hits the pavement, with the store manager on top of him.

Another man appears to punch and kick Kyser, at one point stepping down on his hand while the store manager remains atop Kyser. More bystanders join in, helping to hold Kyser down. Eventually, Kyser stops flailing his legs, the video shows."

They only say that some bystanders joined in...it was six people.  SIX PEOPLE!  What the hell is that about???

They helped hold the homeless man down while the manager strangled him to death.  His last words were, "I can't breathe."

Kyser's mother is suing CVS for the death - the manager claims that it was self defense.

Now I know that you can't steal shit, but let's have a little compassion people!  It's a fucking tube of toothpaste...NO ONE should ever have to die over a stupid tube of toothpaste.

Image Via www.dnainfo.com

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