Awesome Old Man Throat Punches Burglar on Bath Salts

Boom!  Senior citizen justice!

Some asshat in Texas named Charles Smith was just rippin' around on bath salts like it's okay to do that when he obviously crashed his truck.  Perhaps not in the most lucid state of mind homey decided it would be a great idea to grab his rifle and try to break in to 79-year-old Ervin Brittnacher's (pictured above in a wicked shirt) house.  

Bitch was wrong.

Awesome old man says, "I heard a ruckus at the door, walked to the door, and saw the young man holding a gun...I used to own a nightclub, and I knew it was never a good idea to talk to people holding guns."

Truer words have never been spoken...

And that's when Brittnacher fucking threw down!  He "throat punched [the stupid guy] and karate chopped the side of his neck."  Bruce Lee shit, yo!  This knocked Charlie boy out!  Cops say he was still incoherent when they arrived but that Brittnacher "was just about as cool as he could be."  

Brittnacher's son confirms his awesomeness saying that Ervin used to be a bull rider and bales mad hay on his farm to this day..."He's a pretty tough man...You wouldn't want to mess with him."

Word to your mother.

BathSalts Von LikesToSteal was charged with burglary and intent to commit assault.

Don't screw with cowboys, man!  We're all just a bunch of spoiled bitches who have no idea what's going on to them...they've lived life...

And they will fuck you up.

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  1. LMAO that remindds me of my grandpa!