Don Lemon is Being a Lil' Bitch to Jonah Hill on Twitter

Gah!  I loooove twitter (@bungledbotched) - I piss away a ridiculous amount of time reading 140 character, grammatically bastardized snippets of crap - but the one thing about twitter is that people fight on it.  They fight on it alllll the time like they're in a damn schoolyard.  The latest feud is pretty funny though and it stars non other than Superbad funnyman, Jonah Hill and CNN news anchor Don Lemon.


Looks like the two met briefly and when Lemon didn't get the treatment he wanted/expected he decided to throw a bitch fit on the social media giant...

Imma big fan of both these guys so I don't know which side to take!!!  MAMA HEEEELP MEEEEE!


Images Via www.dlisted.com

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