RHONY Countess LuAnn Had Her Tubes Tied Says Her Mom

Not really any of our beeeeswax but when one of your main storylines is about how you want to have a baby with your boyfriend, it gets brought up...

I haven't been watching this season of Real Housewives of New York but I pretty much know what's up.  What's up is that one of LuAnn de Lessep's main storylines is that she's trying to get knocked up by Jacques, her younger man on the show.  Thing is, according to the HuffPo, her mother told them that she got her tubes tied after having Noel.

What is this horseshit?

Rob Schuter, friend of Jill Zarin and reporter for the newspaper, spoke to her mother at the premiere party for this season and he says that he asked her mother numerous times about LuAnn's own damn business and each time she said, "Her tubes are tied."

The Countess responded, "If she said that, it's my mother's way of joking. She had seven children, and at this point, she would rather travel with me than babysit, but it's absolutely not true."

Not sure what babysitting has to do with anything...

As of yet, the Countess is not knocked up.

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