R-Patz is Chilling at R-Witherspoon's House While that Cheating Trick K-Stew Moves Out

Last week, for some effed up reason, the fact that Kristen Stewart kissed a director (cheating on America's fave vampire hottie, R-Patz) blew shit UP!

What's gonna happen?  Will he stay with her?  Why can't she emote?  Should she have been Team Jacob?

Well, Us Weekly seems to know whassup so here's the skivvy >

When the most talked about kiss since MJ and Lisa Marie happened sources say that Kristen came clean to the media first with that wonky apology, ...I love him, I love him, I'm sorry BS and he was pissed that she didn't tell him first.

That's right!  R to the Patz had to read that shit on Gawker or whatever!  LAME!

He then "secretly" (lol way to blow his cover douches) moved out of the house they've shared in LA for a few years and went to none other than Elle fucking Woods totally bitchin' Ojai home, Libbey Ranch...(the home she married the guy who wasn't Ryan Phillippe at.)

Evidently, the Witherspoon vacay home is like an oasis of awesome (pics below) and you just know that Reese has some good vibes going on - new hubby, Oscar gold, new kid coming, boss hair...Niiiiice!

The rag mag says Rob spends his days running, smoking butts and reading "everything he can" on Kristen's affair (that doesn't sound true at all lol!).  He asked her to move out of their previously shared home and she is supposedly staying with her parents.

In her defense, it's being speculated that the director in question, Rupert Sanders, was being a total asshat and was the one pursuing her.  People on set allegedly said they saw him staring at her - HA!  Dude's the director so that's pretty bunk - But another crew member said he tucked her hair behind her ear once!!!

I know what that leads to/means!

Ear fucking!

Kidding, relax Twitards...here's Reese's crib, but keep this shit on the down low - it's a secret! ;)

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