Jenelle Evans Drama - Kieffer Goes After her Ex-Fiance and Vid of Her Snorting "Drugs" Hits Youtube

Ay dios mio!

Resident Teen Mom fuck up, Jenelle Evans went to court today because of an altercation that had happened where her ex-fiance Gary Head allegedly choked her with a bed sheet.  Gary is a marine (Holla!) she was engaged to on and off for just under a year.  When they broke up it was an explosion of paraphernalia, possession and domestic abuse (allegedly) that led to a court date.

Anyone who follows Jenelle on Twitter knows that this crazy bitch is harder to keep up with than the Kardashians and twice as vile.  She hasn't had her son pretty much since he was born and she likes to date people who make weed tobacco pipes for a "living."

And PS - If someone out there can show me a pic of someone smoking tobacco OUT OF A PIPE SHAPED LIKE BRASS KNUCKLES I will apologize my ass off for ever making fun of Jenelle and her mouthbreathin', green hoodie wearing thug of a man, Kieffer Delp.

Back to the court date today though - while they were on a court break apparently some serious shit went down >

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Um?  I'm sorry but I don't speak fuckhead.

So now I guess now it's continued until August 8th but twitter is still blowin' up between the three of them...it's a real shitstorm of immaturity made worse by the fact that "someone" posted a vid of the absentee teen mom snorting something on her famed Youtube.  It was removed pretty quickly but Starcasm got their hands on a few screengrabs.

Jenelle is maintaining it was just Pixie Sticks lol >

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