Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Like Pippa Middleton's Face

Uncle Karl is one sassy bitch!

The Chanel pimp is pretty famous for saying crazy shit about anyone and everybody (remember when he called Adele fat? Ack!) so this is more of a yawn than a gasp but I am a royals junkie so I like to write about how boss I think the Duchess of Cambridge is and how one day I hope to marry (or just bang, I can just bang him if it's easier...) Prince Harry.

So when I read about Karl getting all Bitch, you ain't my baby's daddy on Pippa Middleton for no apparent reason, I thought aw heeeell naw!

Uncle Karl said, "I don't like [Pippa's] face. She should only show her back."

Granted her ass is spectacular but who's this guy to talk?  He makes some sick clothes but he's noooo Prince Wannabang Harry!

Now I don't know much, but I do fucking know that!

Go make fun of Lindsay or something dude...

Image Via www.news.yahoo.com

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