This Guy Made a Flintstones Car but Germany Banned It From Roads

That's a yabba dabba don't, yo!

Dammit Germany!  When people do cool shit like this, you say thank you for doing some cool shit and you go about your business not doing cool shit!  That's just common sense!

Sebastian Trager is the Flintstone fan who made the AWESOME car out of wood, leopard print crap and a 1.3 litre engine (no leg power here!)  He just wants to drive it around and German officials are all Nein!  Nein!  Nein!  Nein!!!

Granted, shit doesn't exactly look street legal lol - here's the prob >

The car couldn't pass inspection...though Trager insists it's super safe because he "loves working on cars" they didn't pass the registration part that asks about no. of lights, [windshield] washers etc.

Says Trager, "We don't even have a [windshield] so we gave up."  Haha!  No windshield???  Bugs'll be smackin' into his German face!  And I'm no Planny McOrganized but it may have been pertinent to check that shit out before spending all that time and money making the sucker!

Mad props for making a car though - Rock on!

Image Via www.yahoo.com

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