Jim and Alexis Bellino's Trampoline Park Opens - VIDEO

Real Housewives of Orange County cast members Alexis and Jim Bellino have opened that Sky Zone trampoline park they've mentioned on the show and they are showing it off like it's a new pair of triple Ds!

The facility is an impressive 35000 ft and is located in Anaheim.  Jimmy boy got the idea for it through a "business" partner.  Alexis will be teaching some sort of tramp aerobics there.  Ba da rump pump paaa!

So how much does it cost to jump on a trampoline in the park that the Bellino's built?

$10 for 30 effin' minutes?  Do they know that jumping is free?  

Nah, just kidding - I'll admit, it looks pretty fun in the videos below.

It's just a couple of clips of Alexis and Jim pimping it out >

Jim's chin jobby is lookin' goooood!  WERK!

Image Via www.realitytea.com

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