This Chick Wants $9.23 Million Because a Bieber Concert "Ruined" her Hearing

Bitch, please!

Two years ago, Stacey Wilson-Betts took her daughter to see Justin Bieber in Portland.  She alleges that during that concert it was so loud in the arena that she suffered permanent damage to her hearing.


Stacey claims Bieber made the already bad situation worse by coming out on a gondola for a song.  She says that the gondola worked as a "sound conductor" which created a boom, damaging her ears.

Good.  Than she won't be able to hear everyone call her an idiot...

She wants a whoppin' $9.23 million for hearing Baby, Baby, Baby too loud.

Out of the millions of people who have seen Justin sing she appears to be the only one EVER to hurt her stupid ears permanently.

That shit's gonna hurt her case...I'm no legal eagle but I dooo watch A LOT of cop shows.

Here's a clip of the concert >

Image Viawww.thehollywoodgossip.com

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