Steven Tyler and J.Lo are Prob Quitting American Idol

Well, scratch that probably for Queen Aerosmith there, he claims he's already out.

Tyler released some weird ass statement saying something to the effect of AI being his mistress and how he wants to leave her before that bitch boils his rabbit. He also said something dumb about spending the next two years creating an "auditory takeover" with the other senior citizens in Aerosmith...

That's cute.

Now, don't get me wrong - I was a HUGE Aerosmith fan back in the day. I loved this man and his penchant for putting Alicia Silverstone in his vids before she started spitting in babies mouths...The band rocked! Then came American Idol...

Maybe it's not fair that I think the guy's yacht ship has sailed just from making one career mistake but in the world of rock - you don't sell out, you just don't. Frankly, it's offensive.

I have no idea what J. Lo's problem is save for the fact that she may just want more sexy times with her new piece, Casper. Last year she pulled a crazy power move, held out until the last minute and got $20 mill for one year of stuffing her ass into a bunch of trendy shit and sitting behind a can of coke.

Don't worry your cover-loving little heads though, useless supastar Randy Jackson is STILL in lol.

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