There is an Ewok Rippin' Around Flashing his Junk!

Hahaha!  I'm sorry but I think it's kind of hilar to get an eyeful of random peen every now and then.  It's actually happened to me twice...This is of course, as long as it's not in that meth-head, subway pervert, Imma attack you when you get off sort of way - that's obvi just fucking wrong, yo.

Anyways, check it >

Nicholas Read is a 41-year-old dwarf who has been in such dwarf friendly flicks as Labyrinth and Harry Potter.  He's played an Ewok in Stars Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, a troll in Labyrinth (HAHAHA - remember Labyrinth?  BOSS!) and more recently an unnamed goblin in Harry Potter.

Now he prefers to star in skin flicks on the train!  Unsolicited dwarf penis...gnarly!

Read recently showed off his dick to two young medical students on a train and the little bugger even took a pic of one of the horrified chick's faces on his cell.  I'm assuming for his perverse spank bank but who the hell knows why guys feel the need to whip it out?

Read had been on a sex offender program already for similar offences (he let the mouse out of the mouse house to show it to a schoolgirl in 2010 - yuck!) and when he strutted into court without his dick out he didn't have much to say besides that he "had a problem" and he "ruined his life."


Surprisingly, the judge took it SUPER easy on the flasher and he only got 16 weeks suspended sentence in addition to 12 weeks suspended sentence he already had.  The judge orated that Read would be "very vulnerable" in the prison system.

Well, Sandusky is gonna be vulnerable too, but we locked his sick ass up!  I mean, it's not the same thing (that fucker Sandusky is SO sick!) but a perv is a perv is a perv...

I suggest de-boarding the train in Manchester if you see this dude (that's his peen route of choice) or risk an eyeful of his wang...up to you - YOLO and all that.

Image Via www.rearviewreport.com

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