Kate Major got Knocked Up by Michael Lohan...

Yeah, I know this shit is kind of old news, but I'm a reaaaal lazy bitch sometimes and the first thing to fall to the wayside is my beloved trashy blog...generally I just start posting new stuff but this little ditty deserves a few cracks...

Lindsay Lohan's idiot father Michael went and knocked up Kate Major - for those who don't know about these two and their antics check it out > Here.  And here.  Oh, and here.

Yes, it's been a real rollercoaster of court dates, blow jobs and balcony jumping for these two and just when I thought it may be over...that bitch got preggers!  While there was a no-contact order!!!

Illegal baby!!!!!!!

The two morons seem over the moon about it (until the next altercation anyways) - the only one who seems to be in a stink is LiLo.  Reportedly, she thinks that if he can't pay child support for his kids now, he shouldn't have another one.

That's the smartest thing I've ever heard her allegedly say.

Good luck, kiddo!  You're gonna need it.

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