Sammi and Ronnie Are Moving In Together

I expect to be writing my Sammi and Ronnie broke up again post any second now, so I'll make this short...

Resident Jersey Shore boring couple Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro are moving to New York together and buying an apartment...


Sammi talked to Hollywood Life about the new move where she basically just went on about their real "connection" and how they've grown up.  Haha - none of these fucks are grown-ups!  Do y'all ever notice that?  Why the hell does Snooki sleep with stuffed animals at her age?  Admittedly, I grew up kind of quick and was on my own at 18 getting 'er done but they're in their 20s decorating shit with animal print and pink like they're fucking tweens...

That is just SOOO weird to me.

Sammi says she'll be decorating the place and the only thing Ronnie insists on is no animal print.

Far as I can tell, bro prob prefers punched holes in the walls and overturned furniture.

I give it a month.

Image Via www.thehollywoodgossip.com

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