Heidi Montag Says That Her Plastic Surgery Binge Gave her Cellulite

Um, that's kind of why you shouldn't get lipo when you're thin and young, asshole.

But anyways...

Hollywood freak show/Spencer's Barbie doll, Heidi Montag, has been yakkin' to rag mag In Touch about how she got cellulite on her thighs after losing her damn mind and getting those 10 surgeries to look like a blow up doll.  Montag says she doesn't even want to wear shorts anymore...

That's so sad.  No it's not.

She claims that she regrets doing that crazy shit and at the wise old age of 25, she realizes that she should've just worked out and ate less of Spencer's ass.

Man!  This chick's main career now is being known as the girl who got all that fucked up plastic surgery...

Now THAT is sad.

Self esteem, ladies!!!  It's a good thing!

Image Via www.thegoodsurgeonguide.co.uk

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