20/20 Interview with RHOC's Newest "Deadbeat" Brooks Ayers VIDEO

ACK!  Slade who?

For some weird ass reason Vicki "I cry all the time because I'm the happiest I've ever been" Gunvalson's man Brooks Ayers was on 20/20 on Friday and shit was not good...

Brooks has only been on the show for a hot minute and has spent most of that time being Vicki's 'Yes Man' and generally just creeping everybody out with greeting cards and shit...the ladies are not a fan.  And evidently, his ex is not a big fan either.

You see, when his ex baby mama - Nicolette Catanzarite - caught wind that homeboy did an interview calling her kid with him his "extra" child, bitch went nuts, called up 20/20 and put his ass on blast in front of a multi-million person audience...

Yikes!  Take that fur coat off, Vick and RUN like the wind!  BACK TO DONN, BACK TO DONN!

Here's the vid >  It's really good - she shows the interviewer some of her own greeting cards from Brooks with the same Southern "sweet talk" and all!

I really do miss Donn man...  :(

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