Video of the Day! Meet American Idiot Ihor Stetkewycz...

Ha!  I saw this stupid mouthbreather on Chelsea Lately and then last night on the Ridiculist.  Bitch is blowin' up!  Viral-Style!

This is Igor Stetkewycz (never trust a dude with that many sequential consonants in their name BTW), he initially got busted "brazenly" dumping a bunch of wood in the middle of a residential street.  He says the shit fell off his flatbed and he was gonna clean it up but he only had one dollar worth of gas.

Damn rising gas prices!

Well, one of the residents outed his jerk ass to the local news - that's right!  Don't screw with a suburbanite!

Unfortunately, the news station sent a woman but fortunately hilarity ensued...

Oh and check it > When Anderson Cooper put his ass on blast last night he said that the guy was arrested the other day on unrelated charges of malicious destruction of property and indecent exposure.  Apparently, his neighbors (who of course have a restraining order against him) said that he whipped his pants down and exposed himself to their "entire family."  Ihor maintains that his mother bought him pants that were too big for him and they simply fell down so everyone needs to chill the fuck out.

He was also several hours late to his hearing yesterday but explained to the judge that he was late because he "had to" chase a stolen car down the I94.  (I know - it doesn't make sense to me either...)  He is being held on $50k bond for each offence.

I am sooo gonna marry this guy! LOL!

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