Shia LaBeouf's Wang Made a Music Video

Penises are so high art!  Pfft...

Hippie extraordinaire and possible Megan Fox banger, Shia LaBeouf, whipped out his peen to make a music video (I think it was a music video, I'm not too sure what the hell I just watched) for Sigur Ros.

According to that know it all bitch Google, Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band that has been together since 1994.

Shia's wang makes its appearance at the 50 second mark.  I highly recommend just taking a looky loo at his junk and moving along if that's why you're here...

Seriously, all I wanted to see was some Shia dick and I watched the WHOLE stupid hipster asshole thing!


Image Via www.youtube.com

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