Video of the Day! Kris Humphries' New Funny or Die Spoof

The other day I was just sitting around, petting multiple cats thinking, I wonder if the Hump knows he's a dbag?

(Editors Note: I actually wasn't but shit sounds better when you add a personal anecdote.  #Showmanship)

Well, it turns out he does know!  And now he's making fun of his general douchiness in a new Funny or Die video...capitalize on that shit!  Kris Jenner must've taught his bumpkin ass something!

It's not the funniest but I DO appreciate the part where he TOTALLY throws some well-deserved shade on Kanye - Guys who wear those sunglasses ARE assholes!

(Just so you tightasses know it's NSFW.)

Should've never put a ring on that self-involved bizzatch, man!  In the immortal words of Snoop Dogg - "Can't turn a ho into a housewife."

Word, Snoop...word.

Image Via www.thesporthole.com

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