TSA Mistakes 9-Inches of Peen for a Weapon

Haha! Dick story...

Though not formally recognized by the Guinness peeps (tightasses), Jonah Falcon has the world's largest penis. Recently Jonah was trying to get his flight on in San Francisco when he was stopped by the TSA for having said large penis because the "very noticeable" bulge it created in his pants made him look suspect.

"I said, 'It's my dick,'" Jonah told the HuffPo.  "He gave me a pat down but made sure to go around [my penis] with his hands. They even put some powder on my pants, probably a test for explosives. I found it amusing."  For some reason he also added he "wasn't erect" at the time...

Good to know!

"I'm just gonna wear bike shorts from now on," says the lucky guy. "That way, they'll know. You'd think the San Francisco TSA would have had experience with hung guys before, but I guess not."  

Hahahaha!  That...was a DIG!

Bike short it up, buddy!  Ain't no shame in your big dick game!

Image Via www.gawker.com

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