This is the Guy who Got Nekkid and Tried to Eat Another Guy's Face Off - UPDATED

I knew the damn zombie apocalypse would start in Florida!

Pics have surfaced of the man who went fucking CRAZY and tried to eat another dude's face off in Miami on Saturday.  His name is Rudy Eugene (pictured above) and he was stoned out of his mind on the new trend drug bath salts, definitely a little effed up and possibly homeless.

When the cops got the call that two men were fighting on the MacArthur Causeway, they found the sickie getting his face eat on and approached him to stop.

Eugene snarled at the cop and kept eating...

The cop then shot him - which surprisingly didn't help - and when Eugene kept chomping away - the cop shot him again - this time the shot was fatal.

The victim's name hasn't been released but it's clear that most of his face was gone by the time they subdued his attacker and he is now in the hospital.  They say he may have been homeless too...

I've just heard about this bath salt bullshit recently - Thanks Dr. Drew! - and it does seem to be some pretty sketchy stuff.  Apparently, the hallucinations are no joke and make people do some crazy crap!

The fuck is going on in Florida though!?!  90% of the odd news I read comes out of that state!

DAAAAMN!  So messed up!

UPDATE 30/05/2012:  The victim (who is in critical condition at a local hospital) has been identified as Ronald Poppo, a homeless man.

If you want to see the pictures of his face (WARNING > THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY HORRIFIC!)  Hit this link.  Take that warning seriously though guys!  I'm a pretty butch chick and I gagged taking a two second peek...

Image Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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