A Couple of Masseurs Say John Travolta Wanted Sexy Times With Them

Vinnie Barbarino NOOOO!

John Travolta has been sued for millions, yo!  TWICE!  And it's by two masseurs who say he tried to bang them with his alleged big gay penis!  Roh-oh!

Here's case numero uno >

John Doe 1 says he was contacted by Travolta after he saw his ad online.  No. 1 claims he didn't know it was Travolta blowing up his phone for a rub and that they met up in his Lexus SUV - they then drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel.  BTW - No. 1 says that there was a shitload of condoms in plain view in the car's console...

(Editor's Note:  You better RUN if you see a console full of domes in plain view man!  That means someone may be about to fuck the shit outta someone and it could be YOU!  Just so y'all know that...)

Anywho, back in the hotel room Travolta took off all his clothes and was "semi-erect" (semi-lol), he lied down on the table and the first hour was all chill.  But then...something happened!  Massaging motherfucker got groped as Travolta grabbed his scrotum and the "shaft of his penis."

Not the shaft!  That's the gayest part!!!

Dude says Travolta then offered to "jerk him off" and masturbated in front of him.  Classy!  He also allegedly told the masseur that, "Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."

IT IS???  Cray!

Next up we have John Doe 2 > This liar came forward shortly after the first liar lied.  He alleges a similar case of genital grabbing and masturbation yet with less panache as No. 1.  They are both represented by the same lawyer who is now claiming that MORE sexy masseurs will surely come forward with lawsuits as he's met with numerous "victims" of Travolta's now infamous semi-erect whacking off.

Now the thing is, Danny Zuko says he wasn't even in LA on the date in question so everyone needs to eff off and leave his questionable sexuality alone.  There are a few pics and a Mr. Chow's receipt on TMZ that prove he was in NYC the date of the first incident so that guy can go right ahead and screw himself with his shaft grabbing fibs.  However, if anyone knows where Travolta was on JANUARY 28th (the date of No. 2's alleged incident) Travolta would prob dig it if you came forward and helped him out...

Unless he was trying to suck your dick...in that case he'd prob prefer if you kept that shit on the down low. ;)

UPDATED 15/05/2012:  Okay, here's the short of it > An ex-cruise working masseur came forward as a third accuser and John Doe 1 dropped his case after he was pretty much proved to be a lying liar.  John Doe 2 wants around a quarter of a mill to make his ass go away and Travolta is still maintaining that everyone can go fuck themselves.  Story still developing I'm sure...

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