The 2012 Met Gala Barfed Up a Bunch of Fashion Last Night

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Last night the Metropolitan Museum of Art was awash with the beautiful people in all their finest gear.  All the pomp and circumstance aside, the Met Gala is about fashion...fashion and Justin Timberlake's ass...

That sweet, sweet ass...

Let's take a looky-loo and see who shut that shit down and who was just...shut down.

The most beautiful woman in the world wore the ugliest lace dress known to man.
Cameron Diaz covered up her man arms and channeled Helen Mirren for the night.
Chloe Sevigny went for her standard I Color Outside the Box look.
Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy looking all sorts of right!
Christina Ricci had a little mishap here when one dress tried eating another one...
Emma Stone does no wrong, yo!  She's the new Natalie Portman - time's gonna tell on that shit. ;)
Here's a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow pretending she's not older than everyone else.
HATE Jessica Alba...LOVE this dress.  Stupid Jessica Alba!
Jessica Biel wore her curtains and LOOK!!!  There's Justin Timberlake's fine ass!!!  Gratuitous Justin Timberlake picture topless in black and white coming up >
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Oh yeah!  That's the stuff!
Back to the Met though...Kristen Stewart wore this ridiculous shit and forwarded that memo right over to...
...Mary-Kate Olsen who threw on some mad black satin - lol WTF is this?
I'm guessing that Sarah Jessica Parker sent the aforementioned Wear Ridiculous Shit memo.  Yikes!
Rihanna can't really look bad, but I've seen her look hella better.
This is Rachel Zoe's skeleton covered up in loose white bandages.  Someone should prob call 911 ASAP...
Giselle Bundchen Brady looks fine as hell but I can't even look at Tom Brady any more.  #AntiFauxhawk
And the WTF award goes to granny panties herself, Elizabeth Banks!  That is not a good look, dude!  Thatisall.

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