Who Needs a Spork? Say Helllooo to The Chork!

You know what I was just thinking the other day?  I was thinking we needed a new utensil option to gorge our faces with.  Yes, an invention or innovation in the cutlery industry that would shake things up, so to speak.  Pfft - yeah right.  But turns out somebody else was thinking that so...

Enter the Chork...

The chork is half fork half chopstick and all function!  It combines a fork on one end with detachable (or not) chopsticks on the other end.  If you suck at using chopsticks the fact that they are connected helps...cheater chopsticks.

It isn't doing well thus far but they are getting some bulk orders for the ingenious product.  Some of the problems they've encountered is that people currently see it as a novelty (some said they would only use it on a picnic when space is an issue) and that some people feel self-conscious about using it (they think they'll look like a poopoohead who can't use big boy chopsticks.)

Meh, I'm not too impressed...the spork didn't exactly take off, know what I mean?

Image Via www.ca.shine.yahoo.com

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