This is What Butter Dancing for Six Minutes Looks Like - VIDEO

What in the name of buttery holy lard WTF is this?  Butter dancing?  That's not a real thing!  You can't just make shit up - see, that's why art gets a bad rap!    

Check out this video of a woman who is doing said butter dance - She wiggles around on top of a bunch of Land-O-Lakes before proceeding to eat floor over and over again...

It's NOT art!

AND it goes on for six minutes!  SIX GODDAMN MINUTES!!!  Far as I can tell this is just a waste of time...and food...and a dress.)

Oh and this just in - Paula Deen wants her afternoon supply of butter back.

Ooooh random Paula Deen burn!  Zing!

Image Via www.youtube.com

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