Sheree Whitfield is Leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Awww, I like Sheree!  

Wetpaint.com is reporting via the reality star that she will no longer be on the Hotlanta series.  She says her time on the series has "run it's course."

Her statement:

"After four solid seasons of helping Bravo build the show into its most successful Housewives franchise, I have decided to leave.  The direction the show is going is no longer a fit for my lifestyle.  I'm tired of the fighting and the cattiness."

"I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect.  I wish the rest of the women the best of luck.  I'm thrilled to say I'm now a free agent and am already fielding offers."

Boo!  And what about Lawrence?!?!  I hope that his affiliation with sexpert Kandi keeps him on at least.

Can't say I blame Sheree...the show has gone all sorts of meanypants with that fucking lunatic thug Marlo and her "fashions" with the price tag still on them...

Peace out, Sheree!  Who gon' check me, Boo? was FUCKING EPIC!

Image Via www.concreteloop.com  

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