Mayor Kim Kardashian is the Dumbest Idea Since Plain Kim Kardashian

Gah!  What is with Kimbo?  She must be bored...Now she says she's going to run in the mayoral election in Glendale???  

In a bonus clip from Khloe and Lamar she waxes political with her beasty big sis about her dreams of being mayor...she says:

"I decided I'm going to run for the mayor of Glendale.  So, you have to have full residency in Glendale...So for real, Noelle's going to head my campaign...but it's going to be in like five years.  So I have to buy a house there.  You have to buy a house there.  Noelle and I are looking into the requirements and I'm literally going to have a huge...She's going to help me with my campaign.  Cause it's like Armeniantown.  But I need to wait like five years."

Um, what?  Gooble, garble, donkeypunch...Who talks like that???  And who the fuck is Noelle?  

This chick has lost her damn mind!  She's starting to sound like Gary Busey and shit...'Scuse me, CHIEF Gary Busey.

Image Via www.lipstickalley.com

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