The Secret Service Tried to Get Some Secret Hookers

Possibly 11 of the horniest Secret Service Agents ever were over in Cartagena, Colombia to protect the Prez when they were busted for getting down with their bad selves at a brothel (pictured above) and ordering up a bunch of what they called the "highest category" hookers.

Yeah, Category Anal, yo...I know how dude's think!

The guys didn't want to pay their hefty bill at the end of the lusty evening and that's when the lube hit the fan!  When the fighting spilled out into the streets, the popo got involved.

Keep in mind that prostitution is not illegal in Colombia (but dicking and dashing most certainly is!)

One man from Cartagena said of President Obama's visit:

"Cartagena didn't benefit one cent from President Obama's visit.  All people remember is that the Secret Service Agents slept with our prostitutes."

Ouch!  They def should've paid for the sexy times - that's just being good people.

Methinks Obama better start doing some mad photo ops holding some Grande Tall ass Juan Valdez shit...        

Image Via www.nypost.com

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