Johnny Depp Under Fire - Woman Claims His Goons Ripped Her Pants Off

All right, this is some pretty stupid shit so try and stay with me here...

In December, there was an Iggy Pop concert in L.A.  Johnny Depp (swoon) was in attendance as was a 52-year-old disabled woman who evidently still likes to rock named Robin Eckert.  When Eckert tried to return to her seat in the VIP section during the concert she claims that Depp's bodyguards flipped out on her.

Eckert, a professor of medicine at UC Irvine, alleges that for no reason they grabbed her from behind and bear hugged her - she says they then restrained both of her wrists and went after her cell phone, ripping it from her hand "one finger at a time."  Eckert was particularly pissed off about this dick move because she claims that her cell phone contains highly sensitive confidential medical information about her patients.

That seems logical.  #NoItDoesnt

Anyways, she says that she was placed in handcuffs and then brought to the ground where she was then dragged...and that's when she lost her pants...

Ay dios mio!

When this happened she says her "buttocks" was exposed to the other Hollywood Palladium patrons...lol buttocks.  She immediately filed a police report and claims the injuries sustained included a dislocated left elbow, bleeding, swelling, bruising and possibly broken bones.  Possibly broken bones???  Maybe your ass should be at a hospital instead of a cop shop.  Oh and PS - the officers said she seemed pretty licked when she made the report...

Also included in the report was the complaint that the "attack" had exacerbated her previously existing spondyloarthritis and fibromyalgia (in plain english she has joint and back probs.)  Chick's in rough shape for a party girl who boozes it up at Iggy Pop concerts!  

The case is still being investigated but police say that Eckert has been less than co-operative.

Depp remains disgustingly sexy and immensely talented.

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