Video of the Day! Chick Making Out With a Tree (Yeah, You Read It Right)

Ah youth!

I was young once and I did my share of pretty crazy shit but I didn't do this!

Check out this (I'm thinking REEEAAALLY stoned) outdoor concert attendee who in all her infinite highness found herself some day lovin'...with a tree.  (Nature's whore lol.)

The clip goes on until things get a little heated and a fight ensues between the lovebirds - she even slaps the tree and shushes it aggressively, probably sick and tired of it's emotional unavailability!  That was a good one, eh?  ;)

But don't worry, they make up in a heated embrace until one of her idiot friends grabs her and pulls her off of it.

Thankfully others were of sound enough mind to help film the incident, chant Fuck the Tree at her and put it online!  I mean really!  The crowd gets pretty big, man!

Help a sista out...damn!

Image Via www.youtube.com

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  1. Omg. That Must be some good shit!