Underwater Thieves Stole From that Cap-Sized Cruise Ship in Italy

Underwater thieves???  Shit cray, yo!

Unless you live under a goddamn rock you know that a huge cruise ship (the Costa Concordia) cap-sized in January off the coast of Italy when some egomaniacal captain swung by the shore (too closely) to fucking wave at people or something.  It was a horrible tragedy and killed 25 people.

The Coast Guard has been keeping the boat under tight security and observation because there are still 7 bodies unaccounted for as well as god knows what in valuables aboard the waterlogged ship.

Well check this out > a couple of thieves went down into the creepy ass waters, got past the laser security systems and jacked the ship's bell!  James Bond Style!

An investigation is now underway, but if these guys can infiltrate a cruise ship 26 feet underwater and bypass waterproof lasers to steal random bells I don't think alluding police on foot will be too hard.

Image Via www.csmonitor.com

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