Season 6 of Jersey Shore is Happening

Now, I like JS as much as the next guy but shit's getting kind of old...Am I right?

Anyways, MTV has confirmed that the entire cast will be returning next season for another whorefest at the shore house.  Shooting will begin this summer so watch for a fucking huge baby bump on NYT best selling author (yes really) Snooki's slutty halter top.

And that's the other thing!  Why the hell are they letting a knocked up chick into the shore whore house???  That's no place for a baby!  I wouldn't even let those assholes take care of my cat for the weekend.

MTV promises the "trademark hilarity and family dysfunction will remain the same."

Which basically means we get to watch the Bitchuation act like a whiny little girl for about a dozen eps.


Image Via www.wegotthiscovered.com

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