Whaaa? Lindsay Lohan Paid to Get it On with That Skydiving Porn Star???

Jesus Christ!  Never ends...

Here's wassup > There's this porn star named Alex Torres AKA Voodoo, he's all famous because he was featured all ova the internets in a serious skydiving screwfest a while back.

It was on CNN, people!

Then we have Lindsay Lohan, she used to be a wicked good actress but has now been relegated to being a tabloid fixture and general fuck up.

Well...Voodoo called in to Toronto's Jim Richards Show (shout out Canada!!!) and said he banged Linds (for money no less) one night when her trainwreck daddy was sleeping one off upstairs.


Transcript Via www.dlisted.com
 See???  He's "saying that."

And stupid Michael Lohan!  The hell was he even doing there with porn stars and his daughter?

I'm not about to believe a porn star (not that there's anything wrong with that) who just says some crazy shit to a Canadian radio station but either way - this family needs to seriously reevaluate some shit, man!  We're trying to have a sane society here!

Image Via www.dlisted.com

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