Teen Mom Update - Amber Dodged Prison, Leah Got Beat Up and Jenelle was Cyberstalking People

Man!  Teen Mom is a regular hubbub of drama!  And we don't even get to see HALF of it on the show!

Let's check out what's been going down with some of the young, MTV mamas during the hiatus of the show...

Surprisingly (or maybe not), a couple of these little buggers are in and out of jail.  TMZ reported that Amber Portwood (who - after being incarcerated for some time - is on gnarly house arrest) missed a court-ordered drug test that almost sent her needlessly aggressive ass back to the clink but mother-of-the-year denies this.

She said point blank that if she had skipped she would be in jail and that she doesn't "give a shit" what people are saying.

Go on, girl!  Seems like you don't give a shit about too much of anything...

Next up is poor Leah...Poor Leah Messer and her uncontrollable urge to fuck Robbie...

While she was at the movies with her new man, Jeremy Calvert a while back, she was jumped by three chicks who beat the snot outta her!  How cray is that?

Evidently, they were calling Messer names before the smack down - thankfully, Messer only suffered swelling and redness.  

Mama Dawn offered up a reward on twitter but one of the assholes facebooked about it so they found out who it was - she is reportedly going to file a police report.  With a divorce and a miscarriage earlier this year it just doesn't seem to be getting any better for Leah.

Starcasm.net is reporting she is now afraid to leave the house.  :(

Jenelle Evans was back in court the other day, was arrested and then released on bail in about 30 mins.  The charges stem from a cyberstalking claim brought by Evan's former boss, James Duffy, with whom she's been fighting with for a while.  Check out that fuckery HERE.

After quickly posting the bail of $1000 she promptly took to twitter saying, Bye bye twitter for a month so I'm thinking that she got cut off from using social media by the court.

Teen moms are so...gangsta!

Spin-offs for everyone!  Pfft.

Image Via www.starcasm.net

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