This Chick Banged a Drum Set for 10 Years - Is Now in a "Relationship" with Lady Liberty

Haha!  "Banged" - no pun intended.

Anywho, THAT is the gist of what I just watched on Youtube and it was really fucking weird, yo...

An early show in the UK called This Morning had a segment with Amanda Whittaker, she suffers from Objectum sexuality (it's exactly what you think it is) - She mostly talked about how she'd been in a relationship for 10 years with her drum kit but has now moved on to a long-distance lesbian relationship with the Statue of Liberty...

See?  Weird.

The interviewer asked her how she became sexually attracted to her drum set and she told him that she is simply "...attracted to different shapes...geometrical shapes..."

Um, like long, hard penis shapes?

The interviewer also asked what the drum kit did to make her want to leave it's trick ass for the Statue of Liberty.  Whittaker told him that the drum set didn't do anything wrong but that "Lady Liberty sort of just barged in..."

She means barged in on her heart...AW!

Whittaker says she would even marry LL but she feels it would be selfish to others and that she doesn't belong to her.  She also said she would never try to fuck her or wet hump her, it's not sexual like it was with Drummy McBangBang.

That's probably better for tourism...actually, that's just better for everyone...

Anyways, she just buys little models of the statue and does whatever the hell she does with those.  No word yet on if the actual statue reciprocates her feelings...  

Check out the vid for yourself (PS - it gets all Boringsville at about the 8 min mark.)

Hopefully, the drum kit will be able to love again.

Image Via www.dailycaller.com

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